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Johan Zilliacus 10/02/17 13:19
Johan Zilliacus
Johan Zilliacus
  • I still remember the times when families ate often together at home and the success of bakery business was accelerated by ready packed bread in plastic bags via retail. The world has changed a lot and this applies also to bakery and food industry. Consumer needs and behavior influence the assortment of bakeries and food solution providers – gluten-free raw materials, all natural products and increase of frozen goods are tangible examples. Out of home (OOH) consumption has also grown significantly.

Leipurin has served bakery and confectionary customers ever since the early years of Finnish independence, 100 years. Company history is colorful – we are headquartered in Finland and originally established by customers. We thrive from customer success:”only when our customer succeeds, are we able to succeed”. Real customer focus remains at the heart of Leipurin values also in the future.

To me, an important prerequisite for success is sound collaboration. Leipurin puts efforts in an appealing assortment, service and product development together with the customer. Our job is to ensure sales growth for the customer.

I also believe that the following are fine recipes for bakery businesses in the future:

- courage to enter into new sales channels
- determination to differentiate against competition and specialize if dealing with retail
- operate own point of sale and cafes
- modernize and develop assortment and production to meet consumer needs

Together with Leipurin team this is possible.

We do this as a Finnish, Nordic company and together with our network of over 250 suppliers we deliver current trends and a rich international assortment. From people to people.

I wish all our customers and partners plenty of new business success.

Success together for the next 100 years to come!

Johan Zilliacus, Vice President, responsible for Leipurin West Business Unit, with over 24 years experience in the industry.

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