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Product range

Ingredients, baking supplies and frozen products


A selection of high quality products

Our wide selection includes ingredients, additives, frozen products and supplies for bakeries, the food industry, food service and ice cream manufacturers. 

Discover our quality product range



Versatile, high-quality ingredients and additives for professional baking.

Frozen selection

Frozen products

Wide selection of frozen products for baking, cafes, the food industry and food service.

Accessories and tools

Bakery supplies

A collection of supplies and tools for professionals. 

Food industry

Ingredients and flavors

Ingredients for all production, and the latest trends in flavors to easily renew and bring offering up-to-date.

Everything you need for gelato

Delicious ingredients for making the popular gelato. Easily add it to your selection – through our gelato service you get training, tips and support to make the preparation of this delicacy easy and profitable.

Products from leading international suppliers

  • More than 500 partners globally
  • The latest trends from around the world
  • Best Finnish partners

Our partners from around the world


Legendary Halme Bakery

"You have to be sure that things work and that's what it does with Leipurin. Leipurin is a great partner and offers everything – ingredients, ideas and know-how."

Our sustainability journey continues

  • We are proud to present our first sustainability report
  • Five core areas: emissions, material efficiency, responsible supply chain, care for people, employees, corporate governance
  • Our  goal is a responsible supplier network, so customers you will get quality without worry

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