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Leipurin and FoodFarm partner up

A Strong Player Opens Doors to the Established Use of Hemp Protein in the Bakery and Food Industry

Press release 12 March 2024

Hemp oil is an unparalleled combination of easily absorbed plant protein, healthy oils, and the fiber our bodies need. For bakeries, hemp offers a versatile new source of protein to increase the protein content in baked goods.

Leipurin Plc, supplying raw materials and expert services to the bakery, food, and food service markets in six countries, and FoodFarm, known for its hemp products, have entered into a cooperation agreement. This partnership enriches Leipurin's product range for its customers with hemp raw materials. The focus of the cooperation is on complementing the plant protein palette with hemp protein. In addition, Leipurin's selection will include hemp seeds as whole, dehulled, and roasted in the future.

For Leipurin Plc, hemp offers a versatile new source of protein, for example, to increase the protein content in both savory and sweet baked goods. So far, the sources of proteins in baked goods have mainly been wheat gluten, seeds, as well as curd and cheese. Among plant proteins, hemp's marketing advantages according to Leipurin include its good amino acid composition, allergen-free nature, and the good taste of new hemp proteins. Hemp seeds also contain a lot of fiber and are an excellent source of healthy fats. The cooperation with FoodFarm brings benefits to Leipurin's customers not only in Finland but also in Sweden and the Baltic countries.

For FoodFarm, the cooperation with Leipurin offers an efficient marketing channel, especially towards the bakery industry. A well-known player, ease of orders, and improved delivery logistics open the doors to the established use of hemp protein and other hemp raw materials in the bakery sector. Leipurin's concept as a provider of expert services lowers the threshold for trying hemp seeds and hemp protein. Leipurin is currently developing hemp recipes, after which the best ones will be sent out for customer trials.

Hemp is Truly Superfood

Hemp has been cultivated for food purposes for centuries. Hemp seeds are used in food, fodder, and cosmetics. The products processed for food use raw materials processed from oil hemp seeds, such as dehulled hemp seed, hemp proteins, and hemp oils.

Hemp is naturally gluten-free and does not contain allergens, making it suitable for many special diets. The seed, from which the protein and oil are processed, is an unmatched combination of easily absorbed plant protein, healthy oils, and the fiber our bodies need. About a third of the hemp seed is oil, a third is protein, and a third is fiber and digestible carbohydrates. Nearly 80% of the fatty acids are polyunsaturated, containing Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids in an optimal ratio for the human body.

Oil hemp is cultivated on about 2,000 hectares in Finland, and the area is expanding. The cultivation of hemp is very environment friendly – it does not use chemical plant protection and does not require additional irrigation. Hemp is also one of our best carbon sequestering plants and serves as a food plant for pollinators.

For more information:

Leipurin Finland, Country Manager, Satu Ruohonen, tel. +358 50 384 2503, 

FoodFarm Oy, Business Director, Satu Pura, tel. +358 45 7750 1076,

Leipurin was originally founded by bakery customers. For this reason, we have a strong understanding of our customers' business – for over 100 years. Today, we offer expertise, raw materials, and expert services in the bakery, food, and foodservice markets, internationally.

FoodFarm specializes in the sales and marketing of raw materials processed from special crops. The cornerstone of the product range includes raw materials processed from oil hemp seeds, such as whole and dehulled seeds, hemp protein, and hemp oil, as well as germinated products. FoodFarm's customers include the food, fodder, and chemical industries, as well as wholesale customers. The main market areas, in addition to the domestic market, are Europe and Asia.