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R&D Baking Center

Agile product development


This is how we help

Product development, testing, product ideas and help for operational development. Our enthusiastic experts at Leipurin R&D Baking Center will help your company with full confidence and a proactive attitude.

Sami kertoo tarkemmin miten Leipurin palvelee ja auttaa leipomoasiakkaita menestymään.

Sami Nenonen, Leipurin Suomen maajohtaja.

Leipurin R&D Baking Center

Product development to meet the latest trends and consumer expectations

Our dynamic product development team helps you to develop products to respond to ever changing consumer expectations. At our R&D Baking Center, we are constantly developing new product ideas and new recipes to boost the sales of our clients.


Join our inspiring events and product development days

Get the latest trends, valuable reports and consumer insights from around the world. Information about new products, tips and ideas how to use ingredients, recipes and products fresh form the oven. We organize regular events and product development days together with our international suppliers.

Tested and proven product ideas and recipes


Recipes that have been carefully developed and tested many times in our test kitchen. Our R&D team is constantly testing, screening and developing new products for today's consumer trends.

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Kimmo Virtanen

+358 40 059 0772