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Puratos sprouted grains have versatile benefits and fit every recipe

We have listed the benefits of sprouted grains and 8 ideas to utilize them in the making of your products.

Puratos’ sprouted grains help add fiber and nutrients to baked goods. Sprouted grains are clean and natural, and they’re great for both savory and sweet pastries.

On top of baking, sprouted grains are an excellent addition to many other food products.

We asked Leipurin’s experts Eija and Antti (Food Industry Sales), Heidi (Food Industry and Sales Service), and Kimmo and Tarja (Baking Center) about the benfits of the Puratos sprouted grains.

  1. Nutrients are stored well in sprouted grains.
  2. Sprouting makes the flavor of the grain milder and sweeter.
  3. The grains are natural and no preservatives or chemical substances are used in them.
  4. Fast and easy to use. They don’t need to be prepared or soaked, and you can add them directly in the dough without them breaking when you mix the dough. The product must be heated before use. If you use them for baking bread, the heating comes from baking it.
  5. Sprouted grains don’t ferment during cooking, and no hard bits are left in the bread.
  6. Grains make products more juicy.
  7. Their use makes the cooking process simpler and cuts cooking time.

We also received many versatile ideas on how to use sprouted grains:

  1. You can use sprouted grains in different kinds of breads and tacks.
  2. You can use sprouted grains g. in vegetarian steaks and balls to bring structure and extra flavor to the product.
  3. As a side to ready-made meals: instead of potato, pasta, rice or noodles.
  4. You can use sprouted grains also in Asian cuisine.
  5. As a replacement to regular risotto rice: a more nutritious oat risotto, wheat risotto or rye risotto.
  6. You can also use it in soups, casseroles and stews.
  7. As a filling in meat pies.
  8. You can also use them in various sweet treats: cookies, pies and pie crusts.

What top product would you bake with sprouted grains?

Leipurin’s online store has the following sprouted grains products available:

  • 562621, Sprouted oat 10 kg
  • 562622, Sprouted wheat 10 kg
  • 562623, Sprouted ryeseed 10 kg
  • 562624, Sprouted rye in syrup 22 kg

Puratos’ sprouted grains were one of the topics of the webinar that we arranged earlier this year and which also inspired many excellent recipes.

You can find all materials of the webinar here (in Finnish).