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Leipurin has signed a contract to sell its bakery equipment import business to Orat Oy on December 4, 2023. For all matters related to bakery equipment, please visit

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Equipment for professionals


A high-quality selection of equipment

For bakeries and cafes of all size

Find the most suitable equipment for you

For large quantities

Dough making

Top of the line equipment for dough and mixing from Hobart and Escher.

For fast dough dividing

Dough processing

Slicing and dividing machines, long rollers and bun spinners, bun machines and Rheon's versatile equipment for processing different types of dough.
Solid proofing

Proofing and cooling

Lillnord's cooling and proofing cabinets – prove, cool & freeze dough with the best refrigeration, freezing and proofing technology.

Best baking results


Rack ovens, fat frying and all the best high end ovens from Revent and WP Riehe.

Easy slicing

Bread slicers

Intuitive and efficient bread slicers and dough dividers from JAC. 

For careful finishing

Equipments for confectionery

Jelly and chocolate spraying, whipping cream machines and IceTeam's multifunction Baby Chef.

Authentic gelato

Gelato equipment

All necessary equipment for the production of gelato from the leading Italian manufacturer IceTeam.

Best wash performance


Hobart's market leading dishwasher and wasrewash systems

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