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Strong growth with gluten-free products


Leipurin has been involved in accelerating the growth and success story of Porokylä Bakery to become one of Finland's leading manufacturers and developers of gluten-free bakery products.

Comprehensive cooperation

  • Product development support
  • The best and most suitable raw materials
  • Design, testing and implementation of the production line

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As a result of the cooperation, sales of gluten-free products increased by almost 70%


The challenge: Switching to gluten-free products

Porokylän Leipomo made a large expansion to its production facility in Nurmes, where most of the production was moved. This freed up  bakery space  in the Lieksa unit, and gave a chance to try out gluten-free production.

Porokylän Leipomo needed a partner who could provide the most suitable raw materials and product development support for recipes and products to suit the production line equipment. Bakery also needed support in the planning and implementation of the production line best suited for gluten-free products. 

The Lieksa unit was transformed into a gluten-free bakery in 2014. Their own baker developed five products that started the gluten-free production.

The solution: development of all aspects of production

Leipurin offered Porokylä a comprehensive solution that took into account all aspects of production, from raw materials to product development and planning and implementation of production lines.

Together with Poronkylä Leipomo, Leipurin found the best and most suitable raw materials for the production of gluten-free products. Leipurin also consulted and provided support for product development and recipes.

Leipurin designed, implemented and tested a gluten-free production line for Porokylä bakery. The most suitable equipment and solutions for gluten-free products were chosen.

The production line was built, tested and optimized for Poronkylä Bakery's needs and requirements.

The result: Becoming the largest supplier of gluten-free bakery products in Finland

The production of gluten-free products, which started as an experiment, has been a great success story. The demand was a positive surprise right from the start, and Porokylän Leipomo soon became one of Finland's largest developers and suppliers of gluten-free bakery products.

Leipurin's unique offering and know-how combine best raw materials, support for the development of new products, know-how of the bakery's production processes, and the best-selected production equipment for customers' needs.

This know-how and close strategic cooperation enabled Porokylä Bakery's gluten-free production efficiency to rise and grow. The production lines designed and built in cooperation with Leipurin helped to increase the sales of the products by almost 70%.


Our cooperation has been good with Leipurin, first on the machine front and now also on the raw material side. When we made a big expansion in Nurmes in 2013, Leipurin was our biggest supplier in cooling spirals and packaging machines.

Erik Kärki, Managing director


  • A family business from North Karelia founded in 1983
  • Employs 140 people
  • Sales of gluten-free products increased by 70% when the new production lines were implemented with Leipurin