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Foodiq grows and builds responsible plant-based food production in cooperation with Leipurin


Foodiq, founded in 2015, is a unique and attractive growth company developing the food of the future. It manufactures modern plant-based food products for companies in the industry and therefore Foodiq must stay at the forefront of product development and ingredients. In this, it gets help from Leipurin team of experts in product development and ingredients and Leipurin's vast international network of suppliers.

– Leipurin helps our product development to find new and right ingredients for product development projects. In product development, we develop high-quality end products for our customers and plan the necessary production process for them, Foodiq's product development expert Joachim Wunsch describes.


Responsible food production and responsible food products

Responsible food production is increasingly important to today's consumers, and they also expect good-tasting, healthy plant-based food products.

reference-foodiq-jari-leipurin– At Foodiq, we want to offer companies in the industry the opportunity to transition to a modern food system by offering responsible food production and responsible food products, says Jari Karlsson, Foodiq's marketing director.

Foodiq offers customer companies product development and production that can be taken to the local level. The production process is suitable for all kinds of plant-based ingredients, and in terms of ingredients, the cooperation with Leipurin has been close for a long time.

– Together with Leipurin team, we have found versatile raw materials for our different product lines, such as the plant-based dairy line and the dry products line, says Foodiq's purchasing manager Ashish Thapa

Leipurin's comprehensive and high-quality international supplier network

Leipurin is a local domestic supplier with a carefully selected high-quality international network. This equation makes it easier for a food industry player like Foodiq.


– My own work is made a lot easier when I don't have to separately look for suppliers around the world, but Leipurin takes care of it for me, Ashish Thapa emphasizes.

– Leipurin has always been a strategic partner for us and not just a supplier. I am really satisfied with our cooperation and recommend Leipurin services to everyone, Thapa continues.


Leipurin has always been a strategic partner for us and not just a supplier. I am really satisfied with our cooperation and recommend Leipurin services to everyone, Thapa continues.

Ashish Thapa, Foodiq Sourcing Manager


  • Founded in 2015
  • Operations in Finland and the UK and customers all over Europe
  • Offers a wide range of product development and production services to various food industry companies and the public sector
  • Leipurin's partner for several years already
  • Leipurin supplies ingredients and helps in product development