Puratos sprouted grains have versatile benefits and fit every recipe

Heidi Tuominen - 18/06/2021

We have listed the benefits of sprouted grains and 8 ideas to utilize them in the making of your products.

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Insights from Leipurin Russia: smart consumers and customers

Leipurin - 25/08/2017

Are you selling an assortment that current consumers need and desire?

I ask this question to myself often and I’ve done it throughout my food industry experience. Heading Leipurin Russia and East region business I find passion in understanding consumers in my market so I, together with team, are able to help our bakery and confectionary customers grow their business.

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Together with customers  – Leipurin 100 years

Johan Zilliacus - 10/02/2017
  • I still remember the times when families ate often together at home and the success of bakery business was accelerated by ready packed bread in plastic bags via retail. The world has changed a lot and this applies also to bakery and food industry. Consumer needs and behavior influence the assortment of bakeries and food solution providers – gluten-free raw materials, all natural products and increase of frozen goods are tangible examples. Out of home (OOH) consumption has also grown significantly.
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