Leipurin’s Sustainability Report 2021

Mika Coles - 30/06/2022

Leipurin’s first Sustainability Report 2021 is out now!

“In our over 100-year history, this is our first report on sustainability. It’s not, however, the beginning of our sustainability journey and, as such, it contains an outline of the work that Leipurin has carried out since our founding in 1917. We’ve highlighted some past and present successes but, more importantly, laid out the road ahead and the work still to be done.” – Heli Arantola CEO

Find out about Leipurin’s responsibility work by reading the report below:

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Leipurin Plc. acquires Swedish Kobia AB

Mika Coles - 31/05/2022

Leipurin Plc. acquires Swedish Kobia AB and strengthens its position and the benefits for its customers in the global raw material market. Leipurin has agreed to purchase the entire share capital of the Swedish Kobia Ab from the Swedish Abdon Group. Link to stock exchange release.

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Zeelandia Group has chosen Leipurin Group, as the solely one partner in the territory of Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania

Mika Coles - 01/03/2022

Effective March 1st, 2022.

Zeelandia has chosen Leipurin Oyj as the solely one distributor partner in Finland as of March 1, 2022. Leipurin will continue to be the solely one partner of Zeelandia products also in the Baltic countries.

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Young talents appointed via Leipurin Trainee program!

Leipurin - 24/09/2021

Leipurin Trainee program, launched in Finland in January 2021, has been a great success and we have found active and enthusiastic new employees.

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Peggy Hansson appointed Director, People & Change of Leipurin Plc

Leipurin - 24/08/2021

Peggy Hansson, M.Sc. (Education), has been appointed Director, People & Change of Leipurin Plc, part of the Aspo Group, as of September 1, 2021. Hansson is part of the Leipurin Group's Management Team, which consists of Heli Arantola, Lauri Lehto, Mikko Tervonen, Darius Marcinkus and Elena Smirnova.

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Aspo Group’s new CEO Rolf Jansson starts on August 16, 2021

Mika Coles - 13/08/2021

As announced earlier on March 24, 2021, and on August 8, 2021, Rolf Jansson will take over as CEO of the conglomerate company Aspo following the retirement of current CEO Aki Ojanen. Jansson will start on August 16, 2021.

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Puratos sprouted grains have versatile benefits and fit every recipe

Heidi Tuominen - 18/06/2021

We have listed the benefits of sprouted grains and 8 ideas to utilize them in the making of your products.

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Review of Leipurin Plc Group structure, effective 1.6.2021

Heli Arantola - 26/05/2021

Leipurin has completed a review of Group structure and organization. The objective is to streamline cooperation with customers, and to ensure greatest benefits from our international reach in 8 countries. The review does not impact headcounts.

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10 tips to survive and prosper through COVID-19

Mika Coles - 15/05/2020
Leipurin 10 hints & tips how to survive and prosper through COVID-19
  • Find some ideas how to address current Corona challenges – to survive and prosper together through this major change. Applies to different companies no matter if operating in bakery, confectionary, foodservice or food industry market.

Download 10 tips for free here

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