Leipurin Plc 1917-2017

Est. since 1917 by customers – in Finland

100v_Logo_4-Color_RGB.pngLeipurin has originally been established by bakery customers ever since the early years of Finnish independence, 100 years ago. We continuously innovate and develop operations to serve current and future customer needs, and their customers, consumers’ needs and trends. Real customer focus remains at the heart of Leipurin values also in the future.

Our customers that we collaborate with in bakery, food and confectionery business – these customer relations that we have built together – are at the core of our values.

Expertise and innovativeness

Leipurin Group has been engaged in the development of the bakery and food industry in Finland and in all markets where we operate. We follow consumer and product trends in order to continuously develop and innovate appealing solutions together with our customers. Our job is to ensure you can grow your business with Leipurin expertise, solutions and rich product assortment