Dawn Foods

Family Business

With the 3rd generation of the Jones family still leading our global company we are proud of our heritage. Nearly a century ago two bakers originally set up a bakery in Jackson, Michigan. Their donuts soon became so popular that people all over the US asked for the recipes. This inspired the bakers to sell the pastry mixes and by 1920 the Dawn Donut Company was formed. Named after the sunrise, that moment of the day when bakers start their work.

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Dawn Assortment, September 2016

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Dawn's Vision and Mission

Dawn is the best bakery supplier providing products for craft, industrial pastry professionals and customers in the foodservice channel.
Every day we are a little bit better. See a short video of Dawn:

Dawn's Promises

At Dawn Foods, we want to be a little bit better every day. So that you can keep surprising your customers with exciting new flavours, with delightful, high-quality products and delicious recipes. Every day, creating happiness with knowledge to make this company and our customers successful.

  • Better taste
  • Better Ingredients
  • Better fit for purpose
  • Better creativity

In addition to wide range of products, we bring you the latest insights in consumer preferences, trend reports and market developments. Living up to our promises, every day.