Do you have the machinery it takes to win?

Leipurin 04/04/17 15:42

 From customers I have learnt an especially important piece of advise: success is not about a single machine or delivery – it is about finding means to improve customer’s business and delivering a solution that really fits customer needs.

Leipurin with its Vulganus range of products is a supplier specialized in spirals and conveyor systems for food industry. For nearly forty years we've delivered spiral systems for cooling, freezing, proofing and clean rooms globally.

The naked truth

Customer orientation in machinery business often starts with an open conversation with the customer. A so called “naked truth” is important when mapping customer specific needs. It means that there is a transparent and honest dialogue and debate about the desired outcome.

For example, I recently learnt the following from our sales manager, Petri Helenius. He had a conversation with a significant bakery customer abroad – the customer was about to order a specific product and after our sales manager Petri had understood customer’s real issues he was honest to confirm that he would not recommend the requested product. Rather, there was an alternative solution at hand that would address customer’s needs even better, enabling more efficiency into customer’s production. Customer was happy to hear this “naked truth”.

Quality and fit to purpose for bakery customers

Irrespective of the size of customer or machinery I believe the following assets repeatedly help to differentiate from competitor offering:

  • high quality: in addition to great quality machinery customers also expect real expertise and professional planning, training and after sales services
  • fit to purpose: customers like to be supported with a product or solution that helps the customer improve their exact business
  • synergy value: on top of machinery needs, customers increasingly value services related to recipes, product development and raw material and ingredient purchases from the same supplier

Read more about Case Porokylän Leipomo, illustrating how customer grew their sales with product categories where production was improved together with Leipurin team.

Learning new

With machinery business I am fascinated in means to understand customer specific needs and expectations. This way it is more straightforward to be able to deliver deeper value to customer’s production flow.  

Every project is unique – varying from a couple days delivery of a mixer or oven to a full turn-key production project that might last two years.

To succeed, the supplier must be all-in, solve issues together with the customer and be able to deliver! I believe it is also important to smile, to be transparent and to have the curiosity to learn new.

If You have the curiosity to hear more contact us now and we will be glad to serve your specific needs!


With Best Regards,

Jussi Merilä, Machinery Business Unit, Leipurin Group / Vulganus 

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