The After Sales operations of Leipurin and Vulganus will be combined - the customer experience will be strengthened

Mika Coles 02/08/21 15:57
Mika Coles
Mika Coles

Dear partner,

The Leipurin and Vulganus After Sales operations, i.e. maintenance operations and spare parts sales, will be merged into one unit as part of Vulganus Ltd. on September 1, 2021.

Leipurin and Vulganus have taken care of the installations and maintenance of the Finnish bakery and food industry field in close cooperation with customers. Now this good collaboration will be further strengthened as the size of the maintenance and installation team doubles. In addition to its own team, Vulganus' After Sales is strengthened by a nationwide partner network.

The large team enables the development of professional skills and in-depth expertise, good occupation of the high season and the provision of ongoing maintenance contracts. We are therefore pleased to offer a leading After Sales team to support bakery and cooling processes! We are investing in trainee operations, and new professionals are constantly growing in our team.

The combination of After Sales brings the following benefits to customers and equipment suppliers:

  • Improved service capabilities of Leipurin and Vulganus After Sales

o Better ability to respond to customer service needs

o Wider service coverage through own resources and partner network

o Utilizing the professional multi-skills of the team in the customer's equipment

o Smooth collaboration: one clear point of contact and support for a wider range of equipment

  • Operations will be developed and strengthened, which will ensure a high-quality and reliable service offering also in the future

The main tasks of the combined After Sales organization include the installation, maintenance and total maintenance contracts of the equipment sold by Leipurin and Vulganus, the sale of spare parts, and related communication with customers and equipment suppliers. Antti Ahvenainen will lead the entire Leipurin and Vulganus After Sales team.

Sales of machinery and equipment represented by Leipurin will continue by Leipurin Plc.


More information:

Antti Ahvenainen

Head of After Sales,

Vulganus Ltd.

+358 40 922 9157

Jyri Johansson

Managing Director,

Vulganus Ltd.

Heli Arantola

Managing Director,

Leipurin Plc.






Vulganus Ltd. is a leading Finnish supplier of spiral equipment, machinery and services. Vulganus Ltd. operates as part of the international Leipurin Group which is owned by listed company Aspo Plc.

Leipurin was founded by bakeries, which is why we have had a clear understanding of our customers’ business ever since we started out – over 100 years ago. Today, we offer relevant expertise, ingredients, production machinery and services for the bakery and confectionery products, the food industry and the food service market.




Mika Coles

Head of marketing and Leipurin Plc