Peggy Hansson appointed Director, People & Change of Leipurin Plc

Leipurin 24/08/21 09:14

Peggy Hansson, M.Sc. (Education), has been appointed Director, People & Change of Leipurin Plc, part of the Aspo Group, as of September 1, 2021. Hansson is part of the Leipurin Group's Management Team, which consists of Heli Arantola, Lauri Lehto, Mikko Tervonen, Darius Marcinkus and Elena Smirnova.

Hansson's responsibilities include human resources management, support for management teams and the manager network in all 8 Leipurin countries. She has previously worked at Konecranes, Alma Media and Ramirent.

"Peggy has solid experience in HR and change management. The new role of Director, People & Change has been built to support management teams and our manager network as well as well-being of our personnel and change management," said Heli Arantola, CEO of Leipurin Group.

"I look forward to being part of the Leipurin world. I want to support the customer-oriented and innovative culture that values everyone's contribution. I bring with me a wide range of experience, as well as enthusiasm to learn new things." - Peggy Hansson


Further information, please contact:
Heli Arantola CEO, Leipurin Plc,

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Welcome to Leipurin team Peggy!🧡

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