10 tips to survive and prosper through COVID-19

Mika Coles - 15/05/2020
Leipurin 10 hints & tips how to survive and prosper through COVID-19
  • Find some ideas how to address current Corona challenges – to survive and prosper together through this major change. Applies to different companies no matter if operating in bakery, confectionary, foodservice or food industry market.

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Leipurin Trend chart 2020

Mika Coles - 02/04/2020
Trends on the bakery, café and food industry

The Leipurin trend chart focuses on four trends on the bakery,
café and food industry and offers practical tips on how to
improve customer experience and sales. In addition to the four
trends, the trend chart presents the new flavours and ingredients
of 2020 from Finland and abroad.

Click and download: Leipurin Trend chart 2020

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Towards a more sustainable future together

Mika Coles - 01/07/2019
Responsible choice - towards a more sustainable future together

We help our customers choose responsible products and services. Sustainable development is an essential value in all of our activities and we expect the same from our partners. In this way, we are able to ensure that the whole supplier chain from suppliers to customers follows responsible production practices.

Click and download: Leipurin sustainability leaflet

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Leipurin hints & tips how to grow sales at your own point-of-sale

Mika Coles - 14/02/2019

Would you like to get some practical ideas how to improve your bakery or café showcase sales?

Maintaining a successful bakery shop requires functional ideas and a plan. Even if you are using the best raw materials and baking overwhelmingly delicious products, the sales may not reach the goals you have set. Competition is fierce and catching the consumer's attention is vital

Successful bakery shops and cafes strive to offer the best possible customer experience.

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Topics: Confectionary and Bakery, cafe, showcase sales, hints and tips

Customer case: Latvijas Maiznieks

Mika Coles - 01/02/2019

Rising to the challenge – the successful launch of a new artisanal range.

The long and successful relationship between Latvijas Maiznieks bakery and Leipurin has resulted in a whole new range of products – produced on an easily adaptable, efficient, and hygienic new production line.

The new production line has helped reduce product development time by almost 50%


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Do you have the machinery it takes to win?

Leipurin - 04/04/2017

 From customers I have learnt an especially important piece of advise: success is not about a single machine or delivery – it is about finding means to improve customer’s business and delivering a solution that really fits customer needs.

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Topics: Leipurin, vulganus, machinery, production equipment, customer focus

Together with customers  – Leipurin 100 years

Johan Zilliacus - 10/02/2017
  • I still remember the times when families ate often together at home and the success of bakery business was accelerated by ready packed bread in plastic bags via retail. The world has changed a lot and this applies also to bakery and food industry. Consumer needs and behavior influence the assortment of bakeries and food solution providers – gluten-free raw materials, all natural products and increase of frozen goods are tangible examples. Out of home (OOH) consumption has also grown significantly.
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Topics: Leipurin, Finland, Trends, Confectionary and Bakery, bakery, 100 years