Leipurin serves the baking industry and other food industry by supplying ingredients, machinery and production lines necessary for production, as well as know-how related to baking.

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Young talents appointed via Leipurin Trainee program!

Leipurin - 24/09/2021

Leipurin Trainee program, launched in Finland in January 2021, has been a great success and we have found active and enthusiastic new employees.

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Peggy Hansson appointed Director, People & Change of Leipurin Plc

Leipurin - 24/08/2021

Peggy Hansson, M.Sc. (Education), has been appointed Director, People & Change of Leipurin Plc, part of the Aspo Group, as of September 1, 2021. Hansson is part of the Leipurin Group's Management Team, which consists of Heli Arantola, Lauri Lehto, Mikko Tervonen, Darius Marcinkus and Elena Smirnova.

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Do you have the machinery it takes to win?

Leipurin - 04/04/2017

 From customers I have learnt an especially important piece of advise: success is not about a single machine or delivery – it is about finding means to improve customer’s business and delivering a solution that really fits customer needs.

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