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Flexible, top-hygiene spiral systems for the food industry

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Vulganus Tropic Spiral

For continuous proofing of raw frozen bakery products.

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Vulganus Tropic Swing

For basket, tin, baton and roll proofing. Accommodates large capacities with precise charging and gentle handling of products.

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This efficient patented multi-purpose charger can infeed from two directions.

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For cooling of bread. An excellent choice when well-functioning, hygienic and space saving solution is desired.

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For all bread products baked in a tunnel oven. Suitable for sites where the cooling area immediately follows the tunnel oven.

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Vulganus Clean Spiral

For continuous operations with clean air cooling. An excellent, highly hygienic solution for products that require a long shelf life without the use of additives.

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Vulganus Clean Swing

For all bread products baked in a tunnel oven. Suits especially sites where the cooling area immediately follows the tunnel oven.

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Vulganus Clean Air Unit

Microprocessor based system for air filtration and climate adjustment. The temperature of the circulated air is kept within the set limits.

Chilling & Freezing


Vulganus Arctic Spiral

Hygienic, continuous spiral solution for chilling and freezing.

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Vulganus Pressure Wall

Prevents humidity in the freezing cabinet and reduces ice built up.  

Other equipment

Vulganus Conveyor

Planned and built for customer needs. Every facility and production line is unique and optimal conveyors need to be planned and built to support individual needs.



Vulganus Form Xperts

For manufacturing various shapes. Products may vary from various shapes and from big to small snack products.

More about Vulganus Form Xperts

Vulganus Clean Conveyor

For optimizing top hygiene in the conveyors with clean air flow.


Vulganus Rye Xperts

Automatic divider for rye dough and also suitable for low-gluten products. 

More about Vulganus Rye Xperts

Vulganus Washing Solution

Designed for washing, disinfection and drying the proofing, cooling and freezing equipment. This advanced solution is a forerunner in hygiene.

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Vulganus Logiline



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