Spiral Systems

VULGANUS LEIPURIN spiral systems - efficient, flexible and hygienic systems for food industry processes

The Vulganus spiral system solutions are suitable for cooling, freezing, chilling and proofing as well as use in clean-air rooms. These spiral systems help to improve production efficiency, they are energy-efficient, and they meet the highest levels of hygiene.

A spiral system tailored to your needs

VULGANUS LEIPURIN spiral systems are used in bakeries, dairies, meat and fish processing factories as well as other branches of the food industry. They are designed and manufactured case by case according to the process, product, desired capacity and available space of our customers.

Top-class hygiene

A highly hygienic standard is the absolute condition for all processes. Our product development is concentrated on the hygiene of our equipment and we are certain to meet the highest hygiene standards required by the food industry. Product handling directly from production to distribution

A continuous spiral system streamlines the manufacturing process and the products go to packing and distribution in a shorter time. This improves efficiency and productivity and ensures that the final products are fresh and have a long shelf life.