Rising to the challenge
– the successful launch of a new artisanal range

The long and successful relationship between Latvijas Maiznieks bakery and Leipurin has resulted in a whole new range of products – produced on an easily adaptable, efficient, and hygienic new production line.

Delivered solution

  • Full turn-key production line
  • Silos and dosing system
  • Mixer and lifter
  • Dough Sheet Line with several accessories
  • Vulganus Tropic Swing for proo ng and Vulganus Charger
  • Tunnel oven
  • Vulganus Clean Spiral for cooling
  • Vulganus Clean Conveyors
  • Packing solutions

The new production line has helped reduce product development time by almost



“The close partnership between Latvijas Maiznieks and Leipurin has been a recipe for success. The Leipurin representatives were always looking for the best solutions throughout the design, manufacture, and installation process – and looking at the excellent results, I think they found them.”

RUDOLFS VEINALDS, Production Director


Latvijas Maiznieks bakery was looking to grow its business and expand its product selection with a range of artisanal breads and baked goods.

To achieve their goal, the bakery needed a production line capable of handling wet dough to produce pre-sliced easily packagable soft buns of various shapes.

The production line needed to be easy to use, effective, highly automated, and able to adapt to producing a range of different baked goods.

The products needed to appealing to customers, have a long shelf life, and be free from additives.


Leipurin offered the production line as a turnkey solution, providing everything from layout design to installation and commissioning. The solution also included all the required machines – from dough preparation to packaging.

The production line was designed together with Latvijas Maiznieks and customized to meet the bakery’s expansion plans.

Each part of the line was designed and optimized for the specific products and capacity requirements. Future production and expansion needs were also taken into consideration during the planning process.

The close cooperation between Latvijas Maiznieks bakery and Leipurin during the planning and design process – as well as the extensive expertise of both companies – helped to establish many solutions to improve hygiene, maintenance, and usability.

For improved production efficiencies and a longer shelf life for end products Vulganus Clean Spiral and Clean Conveyor solutions were selected to provide year-round automated and hygienic cooling conditions.


With a shorter product development time, Latvijas Maiznieks has successfully launched a whole new product segment – artisanal soft buns – for both domestic and export markets.

The new production line has already achieved its intended goal and capacity, while also enabling new products to be continuously developed and launched.

Production continues at a very high quality level and the Vulganus Cleanline solution proved to be extremely valuable during the hot summer of 2018.

The line operators are also happy with the precision that the automation of the line offers, with its user-friendly, informative touch screens that ease the production of these challenging high-quality products.

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