In-House Bakery for Customers and R&D

We supply raw materials, additives, agents and equipment to the baking and food industry. The Leipurin Baking & Customer Center operates within our office situated at Vantaa, where we implement product development projects together with clients and business partners. At the Baking Center, it is possible to become acquainted with the machinery and supplies, in addition to the raw materials. Leipurin Baking & Customer Center has been fitted with machinery and equipment that represent cutting-edge technology.

At the Baking Center, we also test all the raw materials we market, so that we can be sure that our raw materials and products are suitable for our customers, and that they meet our quality requirements. Test bakeries are available in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, as well as in Russia, for example in St. Petersburg and Moscow. We supply all the raw materials and equipment necessary for bakery and confectionary customers.

Baking Center personnel in Vantaa, Finland:

Aila Kiiskinen

Head of Product Development and Customer Solutions
+358 (0)400 756 498

Tarja Sjöfelt

Confectioneries & Coffee Breads
+358 (0)40 653 1417

Mikko Koski

Out-of-home Products and Gelato
+358 (0)40 922 9139

Kimmo Virtanen

Breads and Rolls & Salty Snacks
+358 (0)400 590 772