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Mikko Laavainen Nov 3, 2016 3:54:00 PM

Welcome to experience new Leipurin look & feel. We are excited to introduce this refreshed brand identity online. It illustrates our dedication to continuously deliver fresh and relevant expertise, success and growth to you, dear customer.

Forward going, trustworthy, still recognizable.

We value the past and focus on the future: with a strong history of nearly 100 years we continue to focus on customer success. We put effort in understanding consumer desires and trends to offer top expertise and new ideas to you.

Think Deliciously


True expertise is based on inspiration and understanding consumer trends and needs. Our job is to ensure tasty business for you: so you can grow your business with Leipurin expertise, solutions and rich product assortment.

I strongly believe that consumers want delicious products. Understanding consumer trends and needs brings new opportunities to stand out and develop & grow your business with us. This is true especially if you are engaged in the bakery and confectionery business, the food industry or the out of home (OOH) market.

We are available as an innovative and reliable partner to ensure you get to exceed your customers’ expectations and you get to win more business. Welcome to explore refreshed Leipurin value, together.


Yours Sincerely,

Mikko Laavainen, Managing Director, Leipurin Group



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Mikko Laavainen

Managing Director, Leipurin at Aspo

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