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Leipurin Nov 2, 2016 11:01:57 AM

Cafe sales can get a significant uplift by offering the right products that customers currently crave for. This is why it’s worth keeping an eye open for trends. For example free-from gluten, milk, sugar, carbs and preservatives is currently trending. This is true also for vegan and paleo diets, local food and superfood. Consumers find fresh and natural food increasingly appealing and also confectionery products are expected to be as healthy as possible[1].

Cafes should seize the opportunity with such trends and still pay special attention to longer term changes in consumption habits. For example gluten-free is no longer only a passing trend. More and more consumers follow gluten-free and low-carb diets for medical and also non-medical reasons. For cafes these consumption patterns offer a tremendous opportunity to grow sales with special products. For example gluten-free products are typically more expensive compared to normal products although producing them may not cost that much more.


4 trendy products that you can easily include in cafe assortment

  1. Speciality coffee
    Coffee is a cafe top margin generator. The huge demand for different coffee varieties and speciality coffees is a clear proof of this trend. Recipes with different flavored syrup can be developed to enable new experiences for example with coffee and hot chocolate. Speciality coffee fits well with indulgence needs. It is not meant to replace ordinary coffee, rather, it offers versatility. Speciality coffee has big potential to delivering great sales margins and satisfied consumers for a cafe.
  1. Gelato
    The ice cream market can be roughly split into industrial produced ice cream and hand-made fresh ice cream. Industrial ice cream typically involves large production quantities and the use of preservatives to ensure long shelf-life. Hand-made ice cream production often addresses quality and the use of natural fresh ingredients. A current trend appears to be artisan or hand-made ice cream, Italian style gelato, along with its delicious fresh ingredients. For example Robert's Coffee Gelato Factory appears to have created a successful concept already.

    Similar to coffee, gelato also enjoys a really high sales margin. Production cost can be as low as a tenth compared to sales price at a cafe.
  1. Smoothies and fresh pressed juices
    Smoothies and pressed juices are one of the hottest trends currently. Jungle Juice Bar in Finland for example has become very popular with this concept. Smoothies and Fruit smoothies, produced with a blending machine, are healthy drinks for snacking. Smoothies typically consist of yogurt, berries and sugar. Fruit smoothiess are often sugar-free and made of soda or fresh juice instead of yogurt. The choice of flavors is vast. By offering smoothies and pressed juices a cafe can address especially health conscious consumer needs.
  1. Light lunches
    Cafes can boost their offering with light lunches. There is no need to turn into a traditional lunch canteen. Rather, you can increase cafe appeal for example with trendy salads, paninis and toasts as light lunch options. This can address especially consumer appeal among students. Products can be made available fast and customer can order take-away if they choose so.
Get on top of profitable trendy products by understanding target consumers 

Generally speaking all trendy products are profitable for a cafe since their production costs can be kept at a moderate level and the demand for such products can be extremely high.

Deciding which trends you want to address depends completely on your target customer segments and point of sales location. Recommendation is to be bold and test your customers’ reactions with new offering. Cafe can also be branded in a new trendy way, for example to position it as the coolest and tastiest smoothie bar or the best artisan ice cream gelateria.


[1] Kauneus ja terveys.


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